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Learn more about our Website Development options offered by ATS All Technology Solutions. From corporate online to casual in-house website services…

Get 150 zar loaded onto a new account, this can get you up to 3 months FREE of our basic server, Or just a nice discount on a high-end VPS.

Promo Code: upto3MonthsFree

 South AfricaGermany
Per CPUR25R20
Memory / per GBR60
Hard Disk Included(10 * Ram) + (10 * CPU)
Extra HDD / per GB
OS Install
Debian 8
Ubuntu 14.04
Ubuntu 16.04
Debian 8
Ubuntu 14.04
Ubuntu 16.04
Custom VM
R100 pm
/ R450 Once Off
Delivery Time
AccessRoot SSH
IPv41 Address
  • Hard Disk Included =  (10GB * Amount of CPU’s Selected)
    + (10GB * Amount of Ram Selected)
    EG 2CPU and 4GB Ram = (10GB * 2) + (10GB * 4) = 60GB
    Additional Hard Drive Space can be selected as required
  • Custom VM
    Would you like to run a custom OS.
    EG windows7 , Free NAS, ETC ETC
    We will create your own container and install the OS.
    Please note all licensing will fall under your responsibility
    You will have to supply us with a link to download ISO
  • CPU Contention 8:1
  • Linux Default Selection is LXC Containers offering Higher Performance

for an added R450 / per month

2 x servers as well as adding of managed

Colocation Server Hosting

Colocation server hosting in Terico Data Center.

Power Uptime Guarantee 99.99
Power A Feed And B Feed.

Should server only have 1 PSU, you will be notified on power feed loss schedule

Cabinet Options:

Price per U: R450.00 ex vat
1IP Per U / Included in Fee

Price Per IP Address: R 20 / per ip / pm

Uncapped Options
Under 10Mbits
Under 50Mbits
50 Mbit’s +
4:1 Contention
R225.00 / Per Mbit / pm
R190.00 / Per Mbit / pm
R 160.00 / Per Mbit / pm
Uncapped Options
Under 10Mbits
Under 50Mbits
50 Mbit’s +
1:1 Contention
R450.00 / Per Mbit /pm
R380.00 / Per Mbit /pm
R320.00 / Per Mbit / pm
Capped Options
500GB +
1TB +
R750.00 + R1/per GB thereafter
Please Contact ATS
Excess: Please note excess is charged at in package rate / per GB
Capped Packages Connections Are connected at 30Mbits
For Higher Connection Speeds Please Contact ATS

Please understand as the cabinet is shared ATS can not have on-site support that is not monitored by an ATS staff member.

Setup Fee On-site:
ATS with Your TechnicianR 1 500.00 + R450 / per hour
Setup Fee:
Drop off at ATS offices, 24 hours
*Will connect IPKVM For final Setup And Testing
R1 500.00
IP-KVM Setup and use 3 hours
Additional Hour Use after initial
On-site Technician meet with ATS Office Hours
On-site Technician meet with ATS After Hours
Server IPKVM
R350.00 per hour
R550.00 per hour
Server IPKVM
*Should your server have its own IP KVM, we can issue it its OWN ip address
The R50 per month includes the IP and the switch Port Fee
R50.00 per month

Server Hosting

– VPS Hosting

– Dedicated Server Hosting

A1Xeon E3 1270V3
3.3Ghz 4c 8t
24GB2 x 1.5TB60 euro
A2Intel I7 950/975
3.0-3.4Ghz 4c 8t
24 GB2x 1.5TB45 euro

Please note:
* Servers are ordered on request and specs might differ slightlly
* Final Order Will Be Confirmed before placement
* There is a setup fee of 1 months payment on each server.
* Should your require more specific requirements please let us give you a quote
* Server comes with 1 IPv4 Address – More can be ordered at an additional charge

OS Choices

Linux: Free

Cent OS 6.5, Cent OS 7.2, Debian 8.5 Minimal, openSuse 42.1 minimal, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS minimal


Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition: 145 euro pm
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition: 25 euro pm

IP Addresses:

Priced per month
Individual IP: 1 euro
/29 Subnet: 8 euro
/28 Subnet: 15 euro

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