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ATS - All Technology Solutions

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IT Security Auditing
IT Security Implementation
Network Planning
Network Installation – Cat 5 & 6 , Wireless & Fibre Optic
Network Support
Hardware Support & Supply
Server Set-up, Support And Configuration – Linux And Windows
VOIP – Voice Over IP Solutions
Internet Connection Services – ADSL, 3G And Wireless
Server Hosting
Website Hosting
Email Services

ATS All Technology Solutions originated as an IT Hardware supply and support company, offering unique custom built computers to match specific requirements.

As our clients evolved, ATS evolved with them to suit their unique requirements, into a full service IT company offering skills and services, idiosyncratic in its league of profession. Our belief of unique requirements are still firmly embedded in the company, maturing and developing as we grow. Hence the slogan, “Unique Requirements, Require Unique Solutions.”

We strongly believe that with this foundation, we are able to provide you with a Product, Service or Consult entirely customisable to have your best possible interests at heart. If you require any more information or a free consultation to suit your business, contact us.


A respected national company, known to be experts in our fields. Where the mention of our name alone will promote trust.


Grow an extraordinary company, by providing our clients with reliable / regular / consistent service that exceeds their expectations, providing professional systems and advise which in turn enabling and protecting their business, and delivering on what we promise over and over again.

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