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Hacking, It Won’t Happen To Me

Written by: Donovan Hoare,Director: ATS All Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd.18+ Years Experience in IT and IT Security So it is Christmas time, you’re on leave, or you’re in retail and it is your busy season. As I am one of “those” husbands, I do my Christmas shopping on the 24th,

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One Man IT Support, The Client Drama

Written by: Donovan Hoare Date: 2017/08 Blog 1 in a 3 Part Series This blog, like so many I have written, comes from 15 years of practical experience when I started out eager and naive, making the choice to be an entrepreneur. I am often nostalgic thinking back on the

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Penetration Testing Case Study

ATS is offering a FREE IT/Network penetration test to companies willing to be used in a case study. To Find out more visit:

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Need to save money quick? Here’s how

Written By: Donovan Hoare, Director ATS All Technology Solutions CC. Published : 2017/07/04     There are a lot of methods of saving money in the workplace, buying cheaper coffee, limiting the use of paperwork or removing the option of claiming for extra office hours. However, all the above can

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The 100% Uptime Server

Written By: Donovan Hoare, Director ATS All Technology Solutions CC For today’s increasing uptime requirement, one strives to get 100% uptime. Now is that a myth, or is it possible? Yes, it is 100% possible, this used to be for the Fortune 500 companies, with a budget for three Dell

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Wireless Networks in the Office, Is it worth the Risk?

Written By: Donovan Hoare, Director ATS All Technology Solutions. The Beginning Wireless Technology has been around for years, It’s in every office, built into every laptop and cellphone, most restaurants and malls even have free wifi you can join. Wireless has only improved, this is not an article about technical

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Risks and Productivity Loss due to Social Media.

  Written by: Donovan Hoare Director of ATS All Technology Solutions CC.           When implementing firewalls and company IT policies at a new client, a normal question that is bound to come up is, “Should we block Facebook? or rather Social Media”. I normally mention a few

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